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Adriaan is a game designer best known for IGF Nuovo nominee Fingle and his more recent game Bounden, made in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet. His work is more often than not about unusual interaction between people and devices.

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Jelly Reef Development: from July 2014
My roles: Game Design, Development (C#)

You are the ocean! In the Jelly Reef, your fingers change the direction of the sea currents. You guide the jellyfish through the colorful water world, helping other sea animals along the way.

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Bounden Development: from September 2013
My roles: Game Design, Development (C++)

Bounden is a mix of Twister and ballet, currently under development. You use your phone as a guide to dance or get entangled with someone else. Bounden is made in cooperation with the Dutch National Ballet.

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Trainfinity Development: in 2014, in 40 hours
My roles: Networking code (C#)

Trains run from tablet to tablet on a virtual railroad. Synchronously play on 3 or 3.000 tablets, set up your switches, and communicate which of the three tracks the trains will occupy to avoid collision.



Friendstrap is a two-player game and icebreaker. While you and another person hold on to the phone for as long as you can, unusual conversation topics come by, ranging from the weather to what happens in the bedroom. But if you let go, you lose.

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Kitchen team Development: in 2013, in 48 hours
My roles: Game Design, Development (JS), Audio

Kitchen Team is a game that stimulates communication between teenagers with mental disabilities. Three people with their own iPad work together to make breakfast.



Bam fu is a game on one device where two-, three- or four people experience their hands clash in chaos. Everyone is fighting over the same pebbles and physical contact is totally part of this game.

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52 Development: in 2012, in 4 days
My roles: Game Design, Narrative, Art and Development (C#)

52 is a game Adriaan made during a gamejam called 'Fuck This Jam' and was inspired by two things: the ugly visuals of 'non-games' and the incredible imagination while reading books. 52 features no visuals but simply subtitles like in movies and a number in the middle of the screen.

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Planetenreis Development: in 2012, in 3 months
My role: Game Design
Clients: Govert Schilling, NOVA and
Moon Uitgevers
Honorable: Meester App 3rd prizeMeesterApp is a Dutch contest for Dutch apps perfect for classrooms. Bam fu was tested by a bunch of kids, and they liked the game a lot!

Planetenreis (Dutch for 'A journey along the planets') is an iPad game for kids entirely made out of clay. Kids travel across the planets in our solar system to learn about their properties, gathering objects and fulfilling missions until having brought back ice cream from pluto.

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Fingle is a two-player iPad® game about the thrills of touching each other on a multi-touch device. Two players drag up to five buttons of one color onto their matching targets; their movement makes it impossible to avoid contact, creating intimate moments with intertwined hands.

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In this student project, the pink and green jellyfish need your help. Sit down around the Microsoft Surface and swipe the water with your fingers to guide the jellyfish away from harm. Save as many as you can to discover more dangerous locations, strong currents and more captured jellyfish.



A rehabilitation game that helps patients with a hemiplegia recover. The game, or rather the red bird in it, is controlled by a gravity-compensating supportive arm of which its position is tracked and 'copied' in-game. With the Unity3D game engine, we succeeded in creating an immersive experience for elderly people.



Created during the Global Game Jam 2010. Four players, one traitor. The game includes a clever implementation of the Xbox controller rumble, only letting the traitor know who he is. He then tries to sabotage the rest of the players, resulting in chaotic social interaction.

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